Debug disabling print string

When enabling debug via the apostrophe key in a PIE session, print string is disabled and when you close debug print string works again.

However if you press Escape to close the PIE session with the debug information on screen then it does not re-enable print string until you reselect Development build configuration and restart the editor.

Steps to reproduce in a new project: (works 9/10 times)

  1. Add Print String to Tick on the character Blueprint
  2. While PIE is active press Apostrophe to enter debug mode
  3. Press Escape to exit PIE session
  4. No more Print String until editor restart

I have seen other forum posts regarding this topic but no working solution was offered or steps to reproduce. (I have included links for convenience)

EDIT: I forgot to mention it does still print to the log but not to the screen.

Hi Bizmark,

I believe what your are seeing was fixed in the 4.15 preview builds. I answered a similar post here.

Try reproducing the issue in 4.15 Preview 4. If it reproduces there, please let me know and we can continue investigating.



Afraid this was a no go. Following the above steps I was still able to reproduce the bug in 4.15 Preview 4

Thanks for trying that. It also reproduces in the official 4.15 release and out internal builds. I’ve logged it as JIRA UE-41988 and our developers will be investigating further. Follow that link to monitor the status of the bug report.



The bug is still behaving as described, however, if you follow the steps provided to have debug messages stop displaying on screen, then reactivating debug mode and turning on debug messaging with ctrl-tab and exiting PIE they will work as normal.

It would seem to be the case that exiting of a PIE session with the debugger on just doesn’t reset the messaging variable.

Hi Bizmark,

Thanks for the additional info. The JIRA is still active and in queue to be investigated. Make sure to keep an eye on the public version for any status change.

Thanks for showing the issue. Its happening to me in 4.15. Didnt know what to do.
But reseting to default and restarting the editor fixed the problem.

Now I bind the console to ´ key (right from the P)
Before was ’ key (just left from the 1)

ABNT2 , portuguese keyboard.

I am having this issue on Version: 5.2.1-26001984+++UE5+Release-5.2
Platform: Windows 11 (23H2) [10.0.22631.2191] (x86_64)

Resetting the editor fixes the issue.
I can’t be the only person with this bug, and after 6 years of the fix? surely?


I have it on 5.1

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Can confirm this is also happening again in 5.3.2 after it was previously fixed. Also the workaround that I posted for the original bug no longer appears to be working. I have submitted another bug report.

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This bug seems to be happening in 5.3.2 also. After AI debbuging print doesn’t work anymore. However, the same solution seems to work (restarting the editor)