Debug a packaged game

I have a prototype multiplayer C++ game in UE4.25.0.
If I play the game in the editor. No problem.
If I package for Win64 no error. Than if I start the packaged build. Nothing happens even with -log. How can I debug this?
You can package as debug. But where do I find the debug info?

So I am looking for tips how to debug when a packaged game does nothing?

You need to go into the projects build settings, select ‘DebugGame’ as the build type, and make sure you check “Include Debug Files”. If you don’t the PDB’s will be stripped from the output. “For Distribution” should be UNchecked.

Once you’ve made a build and everything has been cooked, you can either launch the game and attach visual studio - or you can select ‘DebugGame’ in visual studio to launch from there.

So I have build the project in visual studio 2019 with both debugeditor en debugserver. Than I ran the editor, set buildconfiguration at debuggame , set buildtarget as server, check Include Debug Files. After package I have a map called windowserver. If I run it, nothings happens. So how do I debug the server? How do I attach VS to this file?

Server Debugging is a pain but can be done. Copy the packaged .exe and .pdb into you Project/Binaries folder and you should be able to launch.

If not, just run the packaged version and attach VS.

Probably a noob question, but how do I attach VS to a packaged version / exe file? I tried to open the exe file with VS but does not work?

Its off the Debug Menu…Attach to Process