Debris after destruction are floating

Hey guys! I made some destructible meshes and assets in Physics Lab and imported them into unreal, when I destroy my asset some of the pieces of Debris just float in mid air and cant be interacted with… I changed so many different settings and even looked into the Physics lab and the problem was not there (I tested my destruction in playground mode and all the debris do to the ground like they should) Any suggestions as to why this is happening?

Here are some pictures of what is going on the image is sideways, the two walls are standing up and the debris is floating in the middle for no reason

Make sure your mesh has enabled Physics. Do you have any Physic Material that should be exported with your destructible?

When ever I enable physics my mesh just flys off into the beyond when I shoot it so I normally leave it disabled

You want Physics to be off, but Gravity to be on. Should also have a Physics Material attached to both DM Materials that doesn’t have friction turned up super high.

I wasn’t able to replicate your error in 4.12.5, but I think it’s a good practice to not have a DM that close to another mesh. One thing that could be happening is that your world support (if it’s on) is attaching those meshes to the object behind it if the bounds are overlapping.

If you don’t see this issue when the DM wall is by itself, then you know it’s because of the distance (and possibly the bounds). Move the walls closer and closer together until you start to see the floating piece, then you will know what distance to keep them apart.

Be sure you did not changed any orientation of the scale of your DM object, this create this kind of dissociation of the actual mesh collider with the visible part of the debris.