Deathwave, Now on Greenlight

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Deathwave its a throwback to old school shooter madness. Inspired by doom, quake, and serious sam.
The game its a wave based arcade shooter, where you defeat waves of enemies, increasing in difficulty each time, with the goal of getting the highest score possible.
The game blends science fiction with fantasy elements, and you use spells alongside guns to defeat your enemies.


Screenshots :

You wield both guns and magic, in a fast paced manner, to defeat the different enemies in the game. When you finish a round, you get money wich you can spend to upgrade your weapons, magic, or stats like health or mana points. It is possible to play without guns, in a purely magic based build. Or you can ignore spells and just play like a normal shooter. Right now, we have a bunch of spells implemented , and some enemy types alongside a boss. The enemies and the boss can be seen in the gameplay video. Spells equipped in the video were only 2, a fireball wich works as an AOE damage spell, and a Blink teleport spell wich allows you to have extra mobility to avoid the enemies and dodge attacks. The other 2 spells are a chain ligthning spell wich goes from enemy to enemy damaging them up to a number of jumps, and a Ice blast wich freezes every enemy in place it touches.

Victor Blanco(vblanco): Team leader, programmer, level designer, game designer.
Emile Toca : level design.
Lidia Diaz: character design.
Kai(OceanPlanet): Trailer music from newgrounds.

We really need environment artists and 3d modelers. If you want to work with us, PM me, i give good criticism and the opportunity to work on a organized team, also, i offer to teach UE4, programming or general gamedev knowledge to the people who apply.

All animations and some characters are from Mixamo. In the photos, infinity blade asset pack, infinity blade effect pack(highly customized), dungueon asset pack from marketplace, dark scifi weapons from marketplace(awesome pack).

Once the game is finished, ill release the full source code and project files, for people to see how it was done and use the code in their projects if they want.

Nice work man.
@TheJamsh Looks us bug of love in the video XD

First off, i dont dislike this project… i mayself play a lot of very simple games wich have some issue, its not just the graphics that matter. Due to the fact that i dont know how the game plays i cant rely on that. Pls be patience with me :slight_smile:

Here my critique list:

  • The thread looks bad, you put plain text in there with no mean of structure, just a few breaks actually. So its hard to read.
  • The trailer is bad cutted and has realy ugly 3D text renders o.o thats just not fair. They look ugly because you accidently blend them into the material sometimes wich makes them look fuzzy and out of place.
  • You say the content is in prototype state, thats fine but have you any idea of HOW it could look in the end?
  • The “explaination” of your game is a text block. Most people get bored realy fast and will not read that :frowning:

You guys need to work on appearences alot more, the showcase of your project is bad on a level that fits the overall opinion to the steam greenlight quality. Wich is plain bad.
You need to work heavily on the details and the showcases. Giving us more info in a much better way to read.

Thanks for the feedback. The trailer was made by me, and its trash. Im working with people who know more than me to create a better one. Main purpose was to show direct gameplay from current build of the game.
Right now its actually going fairly fine in greenlight, it sits at 30% from top 100 after 13 hours, with 50/50 Yes/No votes. Once i complete this new trailer, i will do articles where i explain in depth the tech of the game, like the AI im doing using 95% blueprints, or the spell system wich uses a mixed approach.

^ There. A dev that actually cares :3 thx

Caring its the absolute most important thing. Communication its key. If you dont respond to feedback, then you cant improve, and your game wont ever be any good.

looks fun!

We passed greenlight!

Now, to polish the game to finish it. Here you have a sneak peek of the new map we have been developing.

Glad for your greenlight success

It’s looking great! I find your humble, honest, positive attitude remarkable. You’ll go places with that attitude, imo.

Keep up the good work!

New Gameplay video, taken directly from the current alpha build of the game. Sound FX need some serious work, and some of the spells need extra flash. Core gunplay and the actual working of the spells has been improved, making the game faster paced and giving you more tools. Powerups have been added to encourage movement around the map, and a double tap dodge is added so you can dodge bullets better. Now you have 8 different spells to chose as you start a game, the plan is to have 4 more spells, and tie them to a skill tree so you select the new spells or perks as you finish rounds of enemies, becoming stronger. We are in dire need of a sound FX creator, but more important its a 2d artist to deal with the interface. We are using the User Interface Kit from the marketplace for now, wich is where we got the new UI.

love the arenas reminds me of quake

We are in dire need of a interface designer, if someone can do it (even as paid work), just PM me.

I recorded a new gameplay video. This one does the 15 rounds of the default mode from start to finish. It also features a mid level boss at round 10,the knight leader.