Deathrun - Game in one week (Android)

While this is not the first project i worked on, it is my first project in UE4 and also the first project that i ever completed and released.

Its nothing fancy…and for me it was more of an excercise then an actual project. (Ill polish the artwork in the store listing the coming days…)

Current features:

-Randomized levels with 3 tiers of obstacles (you unlock a new tier after every 10 levels)
-Tilt motion
-Admob and GPGS leaderboards

The only thing i really copy pasted was a pawn class from an example someone posted and modified it to use tilt motion.
All the rest including the randomized obstacles and endless racing mechanics was done in blueprint without any actual experience with it besides kismet in UDK, or looking up tutorials/examples.
So im pretty happy that i can do solo projects like this in one week with this engine…it opens up a whole lot of oppurtunities for the future and i look forward towards making many more (hopefully more polished) projects with this engine.

There are however a few bugs, when the levels moves really fast on android the collision sometimes doesnt register (a friend told me i had to sync the collision with my position in the tick or something? but this sounds to technical for me…so if someone has an idea that would be great!), and my phone hibernates while playing…but im not sure how to change this?..if you encouter any other bugs please let me know!

This would definatly be the engine i would recommend to my friends…its crazy that a noob like me can make a game in one week using an engine for the first time…even if the level of polish and features are low.

Thanks epic!

Its looks good but do you have plans to put a character on the game?

Nice beginning. Would like to see this fleshed out with a main character/vehicle and more detailed textures on the obstacles to give the game context, but really cool that you could build this and actually play it on an android device!

Thanks for the feedback guys.
Currently working on a new project, this was really just a practice project, but i think i will redo this game with a more advanced concept and better assets soon.
Anyway, i will make a topic for my new project soon, also a “make a game in a few days” project, but looks alot better then this one hehe.
These arnt the most ambitious projects…but i feel that just making a game from concept to release is the best way to improve.