Death Tractor - Farm Simulator... WITH DEATH!

Are you ready for the most insane corn harvesting simulator you’ve ever experienced?! Prepare yourself, the DEATH TRACTORs are upon you!

Death Tractor Website - Includes a link to play the game!


You are a member of the Nomsanto family. The luck of these average, run of the mill GMO corn farmers goes sour when their loyal tractors get fed up with the modifications the family is making to their corn. They transform into horrendous, murderous death machines hellbent on wiping out the Nomsantos and returning the crops to their pristine state. However, the darkness has also changed the Nomsantos. They’ve been consumed by their capitalist greed and will stop at nothing to harvest as much profit as they can, even if that means murdering their other family members. How much corn will YOU harvest before your eventual death by tractor? Don’t let your family, or the tractors, stop you from becoming the ultimate capitalist in DEATH TRACTOR!

This totally serious, 100% accurate to life corn harvesting simulation experience will get your adrenaline pumping and nerves excited. You’ll never be able to farm for corn in the same light again!

Features include:
-4 player online/LAN multiplayer**
-Multiple levels
-Accurate corn harvesting physics and real-time growth patterns
-Tractors so frightening you will dream of nothing but them bearing down over your soul.
-Gameplay so easy to learn even your Grandma could do it. Until she has a heart attack from the TERRIFYING DEATH TRACTORS.

**This feature will be activated the day we get Greenlit. The way Steam works is that we can’t create a public multiplayer network without a working App ID, since for testing purposes, pre-Steam, we are given an App ID that all devs share. This would mean we’d have to filter servers that belonged to other dev’s games. We REALLY wanted online mutliplayer ready for our announcement, but we just couldn’t do it. So our PROMISE is that the same day we get Greenlit, the demo will go live with online multiplayer. Sorry about that =/. LAN Multiplayer DOES work (it’s a tad buggy though).

VOTE FOR US ON GREENLIGHT and we’ll make this a full fledged game.

Let us know what you guys think :D.

I… I love it. I have no words besides “Give me”

Thanks! That means a lot coming from Epic Staff :D. If you feel the need to share it on your stream tomorrow, we certainly wouldn’t be opposed :wink: :wink: ;).


Every family should play this game and remember it each time they eat any food containing or made with Corn, Soy, Suga…errr, wait. That’s about every food we know of and have in the supermarkets. :slight_smile:

Seriously thought, make an educational version of the game too, maybe one level or something like that to teach the people about the horrors of GMO.

But, don’t take it from me, here’s a former Pro-GMO scientist who used to be at Agriculture Canada talking about it in laymen terms: https://www…com/watch?v=yiU3Ndi6itk

HA! Best game since Goat Simulator :slight_smile:

Great work. Impressive visuals too.

Looks like a fun silly kinda game, though I think the GMO reference is unnecessary.

This i s hilariously awesome!

Thanks! Really appreciate the comments :D. So far so good on Greenlight too. Probably break into the top 100 this week. We’re pretty excited at the prospect of turning this into a full game. If it does well enough on PC, we may even look into mobile versions too!

I cant believe what u did here XD this is sounds like fun!

Haha this definitely looks interesting. Nice work. =)


I want to play this so badly…It is magical.


Death Tractor was greenlit today… we were surprised as we had not made it into the top 100 yet but what a nice thing to happen on a Wednesday!

We’re working on adding full steam networking (the demo is LAN only) and some tidy up but watch out for us on Steam soon… still deciding if we want to do Early access or wait and add more features before we release.

You can still get the demo via the greenlight page

Thanks to all who voted.