Death Screen Glitching

I am trying to have this Death HUD Appear when a player dies in my multiplayer game. I cant seem to figure out how I can only have it on the player who dies. I tried setting the death screen event to Client only, when I kill the client it works fine, but when I kill the server, the HUD gets displayed on all the players. How can I fix this. Thanks in advance!

Because you are multicasting the event to everyone… When you kill a client it is fine because it fails, as clients cannot invoke multicast events, only the server.

Why are you even trying to replicate the event if you only want to display it on the client who died?

You have several threads going about very trivial replication issues, most of them could be resolved by some research. I suggest you to watch some beginner tutorials or look at examples to get a basic understanding of replication!

Of course, there is no issue at all with asking for help, but having someone else to solve your issues one by one will not get you far.

Thanks for your answer! I will try to do more research before I attempt to post a thread! I have tried not having it replicated and for some reason it still runs on both client and server. Thanks!:smiley: