Death inventory?

I am trying to find out how to edit the death inventory of a dino. I’ve tried editing the templates but nothing seems to drop within the dev kit. Anyone have a tutorial on this?

I am at work so can’t post a screen shot, but filter on inventory or death in the Character_BP, the dinos have a special inventory to drop on death and you can copy it and modify it.

Yeah, the death inventory component. I’ve edited that and it’s still not working. It goes through 2-3 different templates. Yet, nothing will drop in the editor.

ok, open the dino BP, filter on death

There isa Death Harvesting Component, make a child of this and set you dino to use your child death harvest component

In your child death harvest component the first array is called Harvest Resource Entries, and it is these you want to modify and add to etc.

Wouln’t that be for things like hide, meat etc when someone actually harvests the dino? I’m trying to add the items to a death cache.

I can confirm that it works great just like this -



Can you show the actual component setup?

DinoDropInventoryComponent edits -


The lootitemset -


This doesnt seem to work in the ADK. I have all of this set up and set all the weights to 1 just for testing purposes, but 9 times out of 10 a kill still yields no items…