Death Effect from Lyra Starter Game

Hello, i need the “Death”-Effect from the Lyra-Starter-Game. But i don’t know how i can migrate this Effect? Wich one do i have to migrate? Where can i find this Effect? I hope someone have done this already.

Hey @halobungie,

The particle system for the death effect can be found in Content/Effects/Particles/Impacts and is called NS_DeathCubes. This particle system on its own will not let you replicate the entire death effect, however.

The death effect asset from Lyra-Starter-Game is in the plugin content for Lyra, specifically an asset called GCNL_death in /Shootcore/GameplayCues. Migrating this asset and having it function will not be a simple matter; if you open that asset you will see that there are numerous variables dictate logic on when and where the particle systems spawn, much of which relies on data drawn from elsewhere in the project. You will have to recreate a lot of the logic here, whether by replicating all of the variables needed, or bypassing or changing them to your own.

This asset is very well laid out and commented, and at the very least it is worth a look to see exactly how this effect was created!

I hope this information helps, and good luck!

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