Death animation help

Is this what you meant by physical asset collision data?

Player collision settings:

Enemy collision settings:

I don’t know what I’m looking for in all of this on why the player can still bounce off the enemy after the player is dead.

Elsewhere I got the advice to use the “Set Actor Enable Collision” node:


I’m not sure whether or not if using this particular node would help me fix this problem, but right now its kind of a moot point since I have no idea on how to use it.

All skeletal mesh have a physic asset

also can use a on component hit to print what does it collide with

I’m sorry but I’m not entirely clear on how this helps me disable my player’s jump collision with the enemy.

I just don’t know what physic assets or printing component hit results have to do with all of this, and as a result I’m just really confused right now :frowning:.

Okay, I think I finally found a solution to the ‘dead player bouncing off enemies’ problem.

Trying to turn off collisions just simply wasn’t working as a solution. Instead, I decided to create a new boolean variable called “Player Dead” and set it on within the player death setup and then created a branch within the jump collision portion of the player blueprint that would only enable jump collision if the Player Dead boolean variable was off.

The dead player character is no longer bouncing off enemies, so I guess that cares of this particular problem, at least as far as I can tell.