Dear vashikaran who every day try to makes us happy on this forum, i need you a lot !

I have a lover, so beautiful, so great, not yet perfect but it works hard everyday to be better !

Yes i love unreal engine 4 ! But i am not the only one ! It seems that a lot of people love it too !

I feel so sad that it will not realize how my love is true ! Please help me !

There is a way to be sure it will never forget me ! It likes to be gifted by 5% of all i can earn ! So send me a 100 millions bucks. I’ll can then gift it 5 millions and i am sure it will never forget me !

Thanks a lot for your help.

And if you think that i lie because unreal engine is just an engine, i’ll have to say that you are jealous because you are only a spambot.

Best wishes.

pfft…I almost banned you as a spambot. Dont use that “v” word in your thread title again please. For your own good.