Dear Unreal, stop adding features and finally fix the project launcher

How many years need to pass before you fix what you have, instead of adding more and more features…

this is not a question and does nothing to help anyone. if you want to provide input on something provide details and possible solutions. this is not the place for such things in the first place though, use the forums or contact epic directly. the answerhub is mainly tented to by members of the community so the chance of you getting a response from staff here is unlikely.

on a last note, i dont know what issue you have with the launcher but ive never had issue with it. your issue may be your system or simply something you have personal issue with (preference).

I’ve rarely ever run into issues with the launcher in any way. works fine for all engine versions including custom build stuff.

Well, I’ve posted in the forum’s and sent an email to them directly without response.
You can NOT use the project launcher inside unreal to create a 32 bit version.
It’s the simplest thing to add. But hasn’t been added for over two years now.

32 bit is basically dead these days. many companies no longer support any kind of 32 bit systems. for example fortnite which everyone seems to love and is on many platforms doesnt support 32 bit. honestly if your trying to develop a game using a 32 bit system its probably time for an upgrade.

According to my page of the game, the 32bit version was downloaded about 3 times as much as the 64bit Version. (That’s a pretty big number out of almost 5000 downloads).
But sure, compare an indie game with a AAA game.
I also don’t know why you’re assuming that I’m developing on a 32 bit system.
Your tone is also pretty rude, it’s probably time for an upgrade.

i would wager most common folk (meaning not computer educated) wouldn’t know the difference between 32 and 64 bit architecture, or the pros and cons for that matter. this means if you give them the option to use either itll be a gamble what comes ahead, peoples insecurities will lead them to what sounds like less aka 32 bit.

in your previous posts you didnt mention anything about a indie game. you mentioned the launcher so that would lead one to think of the library tab of the unreal launcher.

going with the train of thought of you having an issue with the launcher and projects that leads me to think your making a game. you asking about 32 bit systems would indicate your issue with not having support is related to 32 bit systems and you progressing your work. combine that with the memory limit of at most 4GB in a 32 bit system and the fact that 64 bit systems have been around since windows xp and you can see where the recommendation for upgraded hardware would come from. 32 bit systems are antiquated and are being phased out, i dont want to say get with the times but legacy hardware will not be supported forever.

as for my tone, well its the written word so its a bit lacking in tone and at the time there was nothing meant by it. this message however could be taken a bit more straightforward and rough if you like. i was giving information in a upfront manner and replying based on information provided. Really though think about the situation in the eyes of a major corporation who are you or I, we are not likely to get a immediate response there are partners with paid licenses that probably come first. have you checked the list of future fixes theres one out there somewhere and it lists things they plan to work on and things that they are aware of but are not planned for work.

For small indie games a 32 bit packaged version is fine sure, but that has nothing to do with launching the project editor on the development PC. If you could rephrase your issues so we can understand what exactly your problem is we might be able to help.