Dear UE Community, I´d like to share with you ´Labyrinth´

Dear UE Community, I´d like to share with you ´Labyrinth´, my latest Unreal Engine project.

Project in Vimeo:
Labyrinth on Vimeo

I had the chance to present it into the Rookies Awards 2021, here you can find more details in the entry page of the contest:

Labyrinth, the Rookies 2021

My idea was to create a syncronized shot, in which all the elements are involved and visually giving a sense of dynamism.
All lighting was done inside of Unreal Engine, with dynamic lights and no Ray tracing.

In order to create a sense of continuity and dynamism in the piece, Sequencer was the key to obtain that in an unique shot:

I hope you´ll like it.
Thank you for watching.

Portfolio Javi Txu


Blocking (Before/After)

Some Stills:


Looks very cool. Thanks for sharing.

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I have to agree with @Mike_PowerGames; your short cinematic “Labyrinth” was visually stunning! Every second of this scene was more intriguing than the last, and by the end of the short, I was left yearning for more of this story. Kudos on a wonderful job done conveying the mysticism that inspired this creation! Also, thank you for sharing your terrific work here on the UE Forums. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for you comment Mike, keep on going

Hello @Zezkaii . … I really apreciate what you wrote about my piece.
This story will be continued, I hope one day.

Have a great time, and thanks

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The pleasure is all mine! Kudos again on a terrific job done with “Labyrinth,” and I am delighted to hear that you might continue the story of “Labyrinth” in the future; I’m looking forward to it! :grin:

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