Dear Freelancer, I know your out there.

Dear Freelancer,

Our company Nexus Division, creators of Legion: The Eternal War are now in search of two marketing specialists to join our team.

The video game can be viewed by visiting

Your role in this position would involve copywriting skills, cold-emailing, public relations, community relations, and lead generation.

We are a video game company, our demographic and target market is huge, we have two limited-time seats within our core development team for two long term business development members.
You will earn shares of the company and a salary based on our success.

At this time, Steam the massive game disruptor has granted us 15,000+ free game keys to disperse into the gaming community at our free will, your role at this time would be to do research on websites who handle giveaways and write articles about games which will be followed by a direct email or whichever contact method necessary to communicate with the site and have us featured.

We are sitting on a gold-mine here with this project, one you should be willing to jump on in a matter of seconds if you know anything about the value a video game can hold in the market place.

We use Discord for communication, you can also email directly for a faster response than simply replying to this message, my email is

Kind Regards,

Cody Legge
Project Manager
Nexus Division