Dear Epic, Please Update Marketplace Products

I’m writing here since emails got no response.
I’ve sent all my packages updated for Unreal 4.17 the same day engine got released and still up to this day nothing has been updated yet by the Marketplace staff.
Developers need their plugins up to date to work on their projects, you can’t neglect plugin updates like this!

Please, update the packages!
I’ve sent emails with updates several times, not sure what is going on with your email system!

While I don’t have any assets on the marketplace myself I strongly support this. I can’t help but feel as of lately the marketplace as a whole has just gone downhill.

I sincerely think assets already on the marketplace should have priority especially those of which are very popular*(OP’s plugins are full of amazeness)*. When updates are submitted they should be reviewed and submitted quickly. The current process makes it seem like the authors are not motivated and/or lazy at the fault of Epic Games.

Maybe some kind of trusted creator sort of thing where they can submit updates without it having to take several weeks to be reviewed? Though I understand this may not be very feasible due to security concerns. But please, investigate as to how it can be improved because quite frakly it’s terrible at the moment.

+1, same situation here. I’ve sent updates to make my products 4.17 compatible the same day 4.17 was released, and I still haven’t got any response.
Something bad is happening with Marketplace recently. Broken communication, less new content… I wonder what happened.

+2 as marketplace customer, I hope epic shows some serious love for marketplace.

They promised that things would get better, but its worse as its ever been.

1+ From me, submitted updates for my Plugins as soon as 4.17 released and yet nothing has been updated on the Marketplace.

This is a serious red light;
Still no response, I don’t even know if they got the emails or not, when they leave us in the dark like this is easy to lose confidence in staff responsible for this service and what they’re doing.

Constant radio silence doesnt exactly gain confidence in the marketplace as is from the buyers perspective.

This is the longest delay that I recall.

Dread grows that something untoward has occurred.

Asteroid impact on top of Epic headquarters, portal to an alternate dimension opening in the men’s room, the orange juice in the break room vending machines turning people into zombies. Or something else horrid like a Caribbean cruise.

I’m not saying it’s the apocalypse, but it’s the apocalypse.

While there was probably no asteroid/meteorite coming down, its really a bit strange to hear NOTHING from them. Something seems off. Wouldnt wonder if in a week or so there would be an official statement of the marketplace being given up (Note: highly unlikely, much exxageration from my point).

Trust should go both ways.
Sellers deserve to be trusted. Some of them have been around for +2 years.
At least after a seller releases more than 5 packs allow them to update their own files. Just do a virus scan and let them live their lives.
The fact that sellers aren’t allowed to change their own prices shows how epic puts zero trust in people they’re working with and it’s really poisoning the relationship.
They don’t even trust the sellers enough to let them change their own thread titles…
As for us, we have 4 tickets waiting atm.

If anything happens for the worst then it would be the whole Epic Games being sold to some other groups and that would probably be a disaster for anyone that bought assets on the marketplace, anyone developing anything with UE4 because the new owners then could change everything which means rules, license terms, price or even remove UE4 from the market forever. While most marketplace sellers could easily sell their assets for other engines with only those writing UE4 specific code actually losing most of the work, although algorithms could still be rewritten on other engines even if that means a lot of work.

I agree. There needs to be a system in place for proven sellers so we don’t have to keep going through this. It just makes it longer to get products out and in the hands of the community.

Though i dont have 5 products on the marketplace, my toolkit is actually the 2nd blueprint that was online in the marketplace, so yeah, there from the beginning and always updating and trying to get more people from the UE-usergroups to do assets (i actually did a 45 minutes speech about the ue4 marketplace on the CEGC 2016 too on the Epic/Unreal track of talks). Also, going through some pretty rough processes and situations with the marketplace team (note, WITH not AGAINST), back then i thought we already had some kind of trust relationship. This was a part (communication!) that Jon Jones was really good at.

Really, if something is wrong, its the worst case to stay completely silent as it seems to be now. At least talk with the sellers about it.

But i guess i shouldnt rant around too much, since i was lucky and didnt have to really update my packs for the last 2 releases but just set the compatibility.

It’s not just updates that you should give out for compatibility reasons but also updates you want to give out as bonus content, supporting your audience and such, and to go through such a long process demotivates any seller to want to do that.

Edit: I hope epic realize most of the issues comes from lack of communication. If people simply knew what’s going on and why then they’d have a better time waiting and hoping.

I’m trying to understand what happened. Look at this timeline for the Third Person shooter pack at the end of January:

13 days! And this was a new pack, not an update!

I agree that once your item is on the marketplace, you should be able to update it at will. Why does Epic need to review it again or even have a hand in the update process? If you fail at updating your product or somehow upload a bad product, consumers will complain, poor reviews will come in and sales will plummet. Why would any seller want that? Simple virus scan and scan the type of files in the zip and as long as they are in line, update it.

I guess I’m still salty that my project hasn’t even reached the marketplace after 10 weeks.

This is the most worrisome aspect of the current situation. From my experience, when a big company isn’t responding, something unpleasant is usually incoming. I hope that this isn’t one of those times.

13 days still waiting on 4.17 update, 3 months in review process (though did get a reply and re-sent files a month ago)

Epic really needs to communicated better around this issue with marketplace standing still. Summer been here and all of us working in IT do know things slow down tremendously during this period. However this is not a excuse to go silent and just let lots of asset creators stand waiting to release their stuff.

Us indie developers really need the marketplace to not only function, but function well. Otherwise the entry level to use Unreal will be too high for newcomers.

These delays could be related to the Marketplace updates that were mentioned here -…es-please-read

The forum update could have knock on effects as well - I’m getting lots of server errors just doing simple forum navigation.

I bet the Marketplace Staff are pretty harried right now.

We also submitted an update for our SkookumScript plugin right when 4.17 was released and are waiting for it to be released.
We’ve thought about adding in an auto-update mechanism into our plugin so we could have more control over updates ourselves.

Though it sounds like the new Marketplace enhancements could allow some updates to be made directly by the content creators.

It would be great if code plugins like SkookumScript could be self updated.