Dear Epic, please fix replicated physic simulation bug.

Hello am just doing what i can to make you aware of this major bug in UE 4.4 - 4.5 (4.6 not tested).
And its related to physic replication for skeletal and Static meshe`s.

A full description can be found , I realy hope this gets resolved asap.
At its truly a game breaker, and it is drawing our development to a halt.
As we can not continue when we have a lot of stuff relient on physics for our game and we can not test it.

Issue Description:
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Hey , thanks for the heads up. It looks like we do have a technician assigned to that question, but he is still investigating it himself. He’ll respond to the post with more details and questions as soon as he’s able.

Great i was expecting nothing less from you guys. :smiley:
Crossing my fingers and toes for a solution in 4.6.

Thanks for the update !

Thanks for posting this !

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