Dear Epic or Community - Stag Ai from Kite Demo

Dear Epic or Community - deer Ai from Kite Demo

Could someone make available the **Deer AI **from the Kite demo as the download is way to massive for us to download or run.

Your help is very much appreciated.

Thank You.

I am not sure that we are allowed to upload the Deer, someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Hi Jamendxman3,

First of all thank you very much for the tutorials you made available. Excellent and id say 10/10

With regards to the kite demo the full 50GB package is available for anyone to use as they want, or that’s the way I read it anyway.
So using rocks, grass, water shader, trees and what we need the deer and the AI shouldn’t be an issue.

I honestly don’t think there will be a problem, EPIC! whats the score with regards to this matter?

Thanks for the help m8. Peace:)

You have to be able to agree to the licensing terms before getting the free content, so you can’t share the free assets from Epic outside of the Launcher/Marketplace.

Hi Darthviper107

I have agreed so surely there is some compromise available for UE4 forum registered users. But who knows.

I guess I need to now start the long process of developing stag AI from scratch for the simple reason I don’t have a powerful enough PC to run the 50GB download.

I’m sure it will be a disappointment to many with low specs that we will never be able to see how it was made or benefit from the knowledge available within it.

Hopefully Epic will split the 50Gb download into smaller chunks for example,

*** Landscape

  • Post Process
  • Ai
  • procedural systems
  • assets
  • Character
  • So on.

Then we can download more easily and have more chance of it running on our low spec PC’s. Its sad that so much knowledge from Epic professionals is out of our reach. :frowning:

A low-spec PC can still download just fine, you just can’t load the entire project.

Hi Darthviper107,

Cheers for the help m8, its appreciated. Ill need to get more memory and a bigger c/ drive before then. But im
sure it will be worth it.

Since the engine has gone Free we need a seriously updated EULA. Plenty of big names are using content in their mod kits. Giving Modders access to the source material (some of which is purchased in the Epic marketplace) for that content. Highly dubious. And it sails by without comment.

Hi Matathias,
I wasn’t aware of that issue but Id be very annoyed if Id produced content for the marketplace and it was then made freely available through a big name game.

All I’m after is the 50Gb download broken down into manageable chucks which I don’t think is a EULA issue, but maybe it is.

I have a lot of faith in Epic and I’m sure in time they will separate out the kite demo because as it is it wont be much use to anyone unless they have the PC to open it.
Until then its the age old problem of repeating what has already been done and therefor wasting time,opposed to taking what has been done and improving and creating
upon it.

But I have no problems with EPIC doing as they think best EULA or otherwise as without the engine being made freely available (UDK as well for that matter) I simply wouldn’t
be making any video games at all.

I still think they can easily edit the kite demo into smaller downloads covering different aspects of it.

For example someone just interested in the landscape shouldn’t need to download 50Gb to learn how they created it. Nor for that matter should someone only interested
in the main character have to also get everything else as well. I’m sure it wouldn’t take that long and I’m sure their great work would then be of help to a lot more people.
Thus improving the quality of all games being made in the engine by both pros and hobbyists.

Maybe I’m just too fussy or poor but it makes sense to me.

**** Landscape (this would more or less just be the map and the procedural grass.)

  • Post Process (landscape and post process, no other assets needed)
  • Ai (the deer AI on the map, no procedural grass or assets needed, basically need for navmesh setup etc)
  • procedural systems (map with complete procedural systems and assets,)
  • assets (they have already got) :slight_smile:
  • Character (the map and the character, nothing else)
  • Any suggestions?***

Peace :slight_smile:

You can get by with 16GB of RAM for fetching assets from the Kite Demo, and even 8GB if you aren’t loading up a bunch of maps (You really shouldn’t need to anyways). As far as the 50GB download goes, they’d have to upload quite a few individual assets in order to split up the whole Kite Demo, and it wasn’t originally intended as a place to grab assets from (as far as I know).

I don’t know for sure offhand, but I’d imagine if you invoke the editor through the command line you should be able to load up the kite demo project without loading any map. This should prevent most of the assets being loaded automatically and allow you to study the AI blueprints and such.

I just wanted to say that the kite demo is not a 50GB download, you need that much space free on your PC but the actual download size is only 22.4GB(according to the launchers download bar).

also they went over quite a lot of info about how the stag was done in the twitch stream, might be worth watching the video if you cant download the demo.

I still couldn’t dream of downloading that with my internet… :frowning:
Well! Guess its time to upgrade!