Dear Epic, LE Extended Standard Library for 4.17 has been pending review for 5 days and counting.

it’s a widely used library and has been consistently kept up-to-date. I don’t see why it would take so long.

Our project can’t run without it and we really need 4.17. Please hurry up, thank you!

You can compile it yourself here:

It’s not Epic’s responsibility to keep the plugin up to date, it’s that of the seller.

But when the seller already sent the updated version already a week ago, is it still the sellers responsibility?

Well, the seller could make it available through other channels too, but there is a turnaround for getting content approved for the marketplace - a week isn’t that long if you consider that when any new engine version comes around there are a whole pile of plugins suddenly needing an update.

It makes sense to stay one engine version behind for many reasons, this is just one of them.

Epic is unfortunately painfully slow with nearly everything related to the marketplace. I recommend you contact the seller and ask him to send the newest version to you in a zip file. It should be no problem for him/her as the package would already be uploaded somewhere when it was sent to Epic. I do this for anyone who asks. I sent updates for several products last week and haven’t heard anything back yet. I don’t really expect to for maybe another week or two, if they email me back at all. They also might just push the update without notifying me. It happens sometimes.

This makes sense when talking about new plugins. Updated existing plugins, especially when the seller already has a multitude of plugins on the marketplace which means there is at least a minimal trust relationship, should be online in a matter of one day and not one or more weeks.
Also, it IS available through other channels, but not everyone is willing to compile it himself or read into how to “deploy” a binary plugin into your project (no matter if its just copying a folder into the plugin folder, it will never be easier than pressing a button in the launcher).

Just another reason to have this kind of stuff automated, and that would really have its ROI after like 3 engine versions.

It’s not fair to summarize this to “just stay one version behind”. It literally takes 10 seconds to review the 4.17 commit of this plugin, if for security reasons.

There definitely is a degree of inefficiency in the marketplace pipeline. My complain is completely valid if Epic is willing to improve the system.