Dear Epic forum...I'm not a new user


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So than you should know that editing is better than spamming answers.

It’s not about that.

This account should (?) be at another trust level by now… Maybe give @HAF-Blade a :broken_heart: Perhaps the policy is that everybody must like everybody, or else! :wink:

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I have sent an email and still nothing…

Still get this cumbersome Sorry

thank you Everynone

First I wouldn’t post here, not in some orphaned random thread, as that isn’t really likely to get this fixed tbh. Also, posting in a central place may help others too who run into the same issue. So post the topic here instead. Include a screenshot of profile summary. :wink:

Second, alert the Community-Managers to your issue. As only Epic Staff can fix this. It could be that your account is stuck in a void. There are lots of bugs on the new forums, so it wouldn’t be a big surprise. Its possible you should be at this level by now: Trust Level basic user. But there might be other factors. Did you fight with other posters in the past or get some of your posts flagged or other infractions to get on the Epic-B-I watch-list. :stuck_out_tongue:

No I never had a dispute with anyone here at this forum. The other day there was something strange happen with like post flagged, then unflagged, and again for a few days. Ok I posted in that thread, thanks.

Well see how that goes… But my advice was specific / different from that. :stuck_out_tongue: What you’ve done is kinda like shouting into the wind. :grin: First you need to alert Epic staff - not Mods… Regular mods have no power / rights to fix anything.

Use @ to Ping the actual people who can help you (see posts above yours in the same thread). If that fails try PM. If you get nowhere, try Twitter. There are regular Epic support emails too. But link back to this thread or explain the problem better. What you wrote was rushed and not enough to say what the problem is! :wink:

I have sent 2 emails to Epic about it. Will see how it goes.