Dealing with Update Issues

Hi all,

fairly new to UE4 and already I’ve had the dreaded update that breaks things…!

I wanted to ask how to people go about updating their Engine to be as unobtrusive as possible? In my case the project is still in a very early stage so it wasn’t too painful- the update broke my lighting/fogging basically.
But, I can imagine having to redo a LOT of elements down the line the more complex the Project becomes…

So, is there a tried and tested way to update with as little impact as possible or is it to just suck it up and redo large portions of work?


There’s nothing you can really do except back up your project and update to the new version and see if anything breaks, at that point you have to decide if you want to put in the work to fix any problems that come up.

Thanks for your swift answer…!

So in effect, at some point you need to decide if the then current update is the one you want to “stick” with and develop for the long run? (Resisting all new versions that come out I mean?)

Things to try… Release notes often offer clues if an area affecting your gameplay has undergone big changes.
If so set aside lots more time for testing and working though problems. Also Blueprint only projects break less.
The reason is, at that layer or level the changes are minimal and even deprecated nodes continue to work etc.

So for now avoid C++ if possible. Also don’t update every version, or if you do keep everything totally isolated.
Some devs have posted on the forums in the past saying they upgraded their projects in place. This is lunacy!
Big unknown leaps are bad, so test-drive new versions asap. It helps solve problems later. 2nd PC helps too!

Cheers guys, I’ll bear this stuff in mind.