Dealing with skin



I’m having a hard time with skin.

Could anybody tell me his alignment settings for dealing with close up skin (let’s say a hand covers 1 / 2 of an image)?

Without laser scans…


Thank you!


As Gotz would say, some more info on setup and sample images would help :slight_smile:

Alignment shouldn’t be that hard since skin is highly “featured”.


Hey Tim, I’m flattered!  :smiley:


alice, I agree with Tim. There shouldn’t be much difference to anything else since skin has usually a good texture. Although it can be a problem if the skin is very translucent - if RC picks up on features below the surface (e.g. veins), it might screw up the alignment. That’s not my own experience but I think I remember reading about this somewhere. Another possibility is that the hand moved slightly while all the images were taken. If it’s your own hand, I would say it is not possible to do it without miniscule movement at all…

Skin is having a special specular behaviour, in combination with sss, so very hard to actually make the surface structures percievable for photogrammetry.

We did these and I would say its not possible without many workarounds…


Hi daniel,

that looks absolutely awesome!

Are the fingerprints really modeled or did you use some mapping?

You must have a multi camera set, right?

Do you mean that one needs many workarounds to get it as perfect as yours?

The fingerprints are just cleaned and maintained based on the source, no projection or other fakes. Only existing detail enhanced and cleanrd.

Yeah, you need many workarounds dealing with skin to capture the detail. For the hand we used around 1500 photos (42mp Sony A7RII) Especially on the macrolevel, you loose too much visible detail due to the translucency and oily specularity of human skin. It can be done though.

These are raw scans, directly from RC.

(right click -> view image for full resolution)


W O W   


1220 for one hand is quite something.

Was it a plaster-cast then or how did you manage to keep it steady?

And thanks for sharing, btw. Did you upload something before? I recall some equally impressive scan of a face a while ago…

Yes, we do use some special techniques also involving casting,

I think I uploaded some samples from time to time…