Dealing damages to my BasicEnemy doesn't work :'(

Hello and happy new year everyone !

I’m a beginner and i need your help to resolve a little problem with my blueprints.
When i pressed “A”, my enemies take damages but my blueprints don’t work and i don’t know why, i’m going to get mad without your help.

For my hero’s health, i used interface and it works great but i tried with my basic enemy and… No. Just no. It doesn’t work at all so i tried with “Apply Damage” and “Event AnyDamage” but same problem. Does Unreal Engines hates me ? :’(

In my Hero’s event graph i have an “disable input” node but my inputs are activate in game when enemies overlap an area around the hero. It works, i tried many times with Print String.

Can you help me please ? Thanks :slight_smile:


Can you explain further how your BP isnt working.

What is supposed to happen that isnt happening. More information about exactly what is going wrong will help us help you. When posting questions being specific and providing as much detail as possible is very important.

Is basic enemy your player class or a separate enemy class? If it isn’t controlled by you, the input A will not work if Im’ not mistaken.