Deadly Dread sci-fi survival horror

Hi all!

We’re a team of two working on a new sci-fi survival horror single player.


Deadly Dread is a survival horror exprience.
A corrupting entity has infested a space station, trapping you in, and turning the crew and the environment against you.
Will you be able to escape before your mind surrenders to madness, or a creepy monster kills you while cowering in a corner?

Death will come for you, unstoppable and unpredictable.
Any new attempt to survive will require all of your skills to success, as everytime the game layout, foes, objects and
weapons you’ll need will be different, making each playthrough unique.


First person gameplay, with different approaches to survive, either stealth or shooting.
Rogue-lite, where permadeath, which implies a new run after being killed, is not impairing fun.

Each playthrough relies on a different map layout, including different enemies, tasks, objects type and location. Smart AI.

During a playthrough,enemies will learn from your actions,and will become better at spotting you,
focusing on their senses (sight, hearing, even the perception of your fear).
Dynamic environment. You can interact with the world around you on your favor, like taking cover in a shelter,
throw an object to mislead an enemy, or breaking a light to cower in the shadows.

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Thanks for your time and let us know your thoughts!