Deadline, issue after update from 4.22 to 4.24

Hey guys!

We’re a bit on a deadline and an issue came up, so I was wondering if someone of you might know a fix or maybe had an experience with such a thing.
We have an inventory system which worked flawlessly. We’ve done maybe 20 exports so far of our game (for testing purposes) and everything was fine.
Since we updated from UE 4.22 to 4.24, we came upon an issue:

  • When you pick-up an object in editor, it works fine, however when you do the same in Packaged version, it works partially:
    Example: Print string after the execution is showing of successfully, however the item is not placed in the inventory. This happens only in packaged game, not in editor or standalone testing through editor.

Anyone had similar problems where programming works as it should in editor, but does not work in packaged?

I had some problems, me to mmmmh, does your inventory class get spawned in first place?

We do not use an inventory class component added to the character itself, but the items are spawning in the world at 0 0 0 with no scale.

The issue is, for example:
(in editor or standalone)
I tried picking up a key required for a door. It works. It’s added in inventory slot, the door recognizes it and it opens.

(in packaged version)
I click on the key, I get all the print strings placed saying picked up successfuly, get a notification “You’ve picked up a key”, but - it’s not added in inventory.
When you click on the door, it still says it requires a key.