DeadEarth Games Recruitment

Who is DeadEath Games?
I am Philip head owner and director of DeadEarth Games. We are a small independent growing game studio with 1 other TPS game title in development and near release.
Our team is a bunch of hobby makers who are up for some fun but not always as active as you should like. We enjoy what we are making and share the same interest.

Why are we looking for team members?

We have one great TPS using the Unity Engine near release but we love to get a second team going specialized in UE4.

We would love to make is a Low Poly Third Person RPG game with tap based controls meaning that the mouse will be your best friend in the game. We haven’t worked out much on this so far but it will come.

Do we release a free game template for both games?

For the multiplayer competive game as for the RPG game will be the idea to release a fully documented game template with a part of our source code and a small selection of models and UI setup. This way we hope to bring a piece of learning material to the UE4 Community.
For new but also more specialized developers will this be a good start or way to learn how to get those types of games started.

What kind of Developers do we need?

Programmer: You are able to create blueprints from scratch and program the RPG from the base to the more advanced part. You are having the knowledge to solve problems you encounter and be able to work at least 8 to 12 hours a week on the coding.

Environmental Designer: You are able to create the environment of the game talking about the world, props and environmental lighting from scratch but also nu using marketplace created assets. You can invest at least 8 to 10 hours a week on this.

3D Artist: You are able to create models, characters, rigs and you know how to create textures to these models and characters. Models can be buildings, foliage, characters, tools and weapons. You can invest at least 10 hours a week on this.

2D artist: You are able to design the UI of the game talking about the menu and game layout including all other stuff around game UI’s. You also be able to create GFX work.
You can invest at least 6 hours a week on this.

**Animator: **You are able to create weapon, character, animal and environmental animations. You also have a basic understanding of rigging.
You can invest 2 to 5 hours a week on animating and rigging.

**Character Designer: **You are able to create low poly characters and animals for the game. You have a basic knowledge of rigging.(Not Necesary)
You can invest 3 to 6 hours a week on making characters and animals.

Team Information
Our team so far is specialized in Unity Development I would love to step over to Unreal Engine. Our scripters including myself have not much knowledge about the programming system in Unreal Engine thats why we highly prefer to find as quick as possible Programmers but also UI designers we don’t got those so far.
The team itself is all based out of people who are involved because they enjoy development. A serious team of active and involved crew members we don’t have so far. Hopefully we can make that change on UE4 but still got the fun and enjoyable rate of being buzy making some fantastic games and helping our community out where needed as for releasing a source code what will help other UE4 starters getting started with game development.


The payout comes down on a % of the game revenue with a possible paid contract after release.


You can apply for a role by responding on this topic or email to:

If you are paying out a % of the sales then the proper prefix for your thread is [Contract/Royalty] instead of [PAID]. On these forums the [PAID] tag refers to jobs that are paid regardless of the game sales, typically upfront, on a regular schedule based on hourly wages or per asset/task.

Thanks for noticing it I be kinda new to the forum. I will make the needed changes.