Dead zones on maps?...are they possible?

So i’m figuring things out here slowly but surely but I’ve come across something that is a bit of a head scratcher.

some areas on my map that I am placing spawn points…nothing is spawning…ever.

its odd too cause I duplicated a working spawn point…that one I duped works still as do others I made from it, but the lower portion of my map (its not got any foliage on it yet and some of it still needs to be built up) whatever I put there on any section, from any side of this lower portion of my map…nothing spawns.

any ideas?

oh also…redwood trees even with block all on the collision…seem to be not working…you can’t cut them down and you always pass thru them

Just ran a test…grabbed a spawn point not working on the lower part of the island (dead zone) brought it to the first part of the island I finished and was testing on and they work…so its for sure the area.

I can see things spawning but they die as soon as they spawn…my character can also walk these surfaces no problem

Interesting. Keep us posted on a fix, cause I’m sure this is gonna happen to me…

I’m testing different things…I may have a lead. if I do I’ll post with screenshots

So what i’ve sorted out so far is its a height thing…the lowest part of my map is a dead zone and anything on that level or lower just wont spawn anything
How I know this so far is I put the spawns on the highest bumps of sand on my lower beach and the dinos spawned on all of them, even on angled slopes. but anything below that height and they just will not spawn.

It may be something else as well, i’m not sure. my Kill Z level is - 75000 surely that’s enough no? apparently not. or I am missing something else.

on top of that I have this crazy new issue…

In the editor the floating island looks all nice and purty

Running the game, it pops in. leaving it looking like this most of the time.

how do I just have the structure there in the sky