Dead Rising but it's a Battle Royale.

Hear me out, I had this idea as a dream come to me last night, and I thought it would be best to start a discussion about this because I am a novice game creator and that I would love to get feedback on this, but consider a battle royale where at the start you have to find a way to break into this building with outdoor objects at the start vs a lot of other players at a time. The goal of the game is to kill off every player of course, but the initial start of the game, all starting objects do little to no damage. You COULD fight it out with outdoor materials like branches or rocks that you have to use to get into the office building, OR you can easily break into the office and start a similar version of dead rising’s way of creating weapons to defeat the players. Once in the office, you can pick up strange items like rubber bands, pencils, papers, even rolling chairs, office computers, essentially every item in there that doesn’t leave you overfilled with items’ weight. These items are considered tier 1 and can be made into a majority of several items, but the real fun comes into descending the office with sector keys hidden in several desks around the office. With tier 0 from outside objects or tier 1 items from the office, you can create tier 1 weapons like slingshots, or tier 1 equipment like a motorized chair. When you find a sector key, you are able to create tier 2 items through office 3D printers embedded in the wall. These printers use the door’s AI to check your items and randomize an item selection that can be used to create deadlier objects, that do a bit more damage. 1 object comes out of these printers peruse of the player. The main goal is to be the last one standing, and it’s best to have teams, but is, in fact, free for all, and trading can be done too through item dropping, and mic speaking is either closer to you, or through walkie talkies also found in other floors. Tier 3 items are also next floor through the AI printers, and say you have a tier 2 weapon like blow darts made from office straws and pencils from tier 1 and had a sticky note item leftover, and tier 2 items of nails and a pressurized tube, a tier 3 item could come about such as a vial of paralysis, and you can then drag players around while unconscious. The game would go up to tier 5 and has an outdoor player clear with smog creators mixed with poison as one of the items to be created. This type of game can go 1,000s of different ways as far as combat, and health is over increased to prevent players from killing others with pencils at tier 1 without progressing.

I would love to pitch more ideas and help develop such a game, but my level of game creating is far off from ideal, and that throwing this game out into discussion, I am allowing the steal of others to put themselves above the idea and progress this type of game forward because it doesn’t exist otherwise. I’d love to hear feedback, and ultimately discuss and put together a team of expert game developers who check the forum and get a game like this out there publicly, because it could be really fun. I’m tired of playing gun games and having basic weapon interactions, it’s time for something new.