[Dead] Pro-Grade Complete Dynamic-Weather-Toolkit

Just want to add this in quickly:

If you ever come across pirated content from the marketplace, or of UE4, please send the links to so Epic is aware of it. It’s obviously extremely difficult to get rid of them all, but most of these websites will take down content upon request.

Alright, with that out of the way let’s go back to discussing this marketplace pack. Any further discussion regarding piracy should go into a new thread on that topic, this isn’t the right place to be discussing it.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Fantastic! :slight_smile:
I have always loved dynamic weather (especially rain), so I am eagerly awaiting some video to see what kind of unique features you have created :slight_smile:


I am really looking forward to this :smiley:

When can we expect to see some screenshots inside engine?

EDIT: Stuff about piracy moved to a PM.

Anyway, super looking forward to this ROCKIN’ WEATHER SYSTEM. How’s the brush work exactly?

I own a DK2 and can test stuff for you if you need.

I like your “lower price, higher sales” mantra. But honestly this is one of a few marketplace items I would pay the price for. Nice work on this!

At the most basic sense, paints instanced meshes in another class that maintains/controls them. Depending on how useable/intuitive it is, I might ditch it in favour of manually placing meshes unless I find any other good uses for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Would you be able to do a comparison to your “competitor”, TrueSKY Alpha? Feel free to market the selling point that your setup doesn’t require developers to move to the Git version of UE4 (and theirs does), but I’m interested in a quality and flexibility comparison. Also interested in how intuitive it is to use versus TrueSKY, but I’m guessing that will come with a video demonstration. I’m genuinely excited about your setup!

Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m fairly certain that TrueSky is purely for creating Skydomes and clouds. It doesn’t do any weather systems, shader stuff or have an ‘AI’ as such which can make the system dynamic (think minecraft).

As for Flexibility/Quality, this is purely Blueprint so effectively infinitely flexible, and I like to think my work is pretty top-notch :smiley: Yes to the video demo, I’ll go over everything and if time permits, do an in-editor tutorial for it. An example level will come with. Thanks for the comments!

EDIT: Turns out TrueSky does indeed do some weather stuff, interesting! Once I get around to doing a more complete video of the features, you guys can decide for yourselves which suits better :slight_smile:

Yeah, but TrueSky still has to be implemented heavily by the user. It does weather, but not dynamically and certainly not like your Weather AI.

And TrueSky costs monthly doesn’t it? :>?

Correct… and it’s not cheap.

Yeah I might be a little selfish in this (certainly the minority), but I don’t mind the cost of TrueSKY if it does what I need. I’m very interested in TJ’s setup though. To me it’s all about what covers weather better :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to post screenies by the end of the weekend with some of the functionality in :slight_smile:

I gotta ask, does this include the ability to setup and control post processing separately for each weather type while also having a global PP volume? This would be awesome, because having the ability to have a global PP and then control color correction for the other weathers is a must to get everything looking right.

Hey Josh,

I haven’t done anything PP related yet, since I figure a lot of people will have their own Post-Process and Lighting set-ups and I don’t want to start messing with them. It will however, include a custom PP Material (see above) which the system can talk to, and therefore make slight adjustments to the scene should the end-user want to plug them in. The best part about that is, they get to control the strength of the effect to with the percentage setting in UE4.

That said though, I will include an example level that shows people how to get the most out of the pack. The list of features is building up and up so it might be a bit longer than two weeks to submission, but it will be a 4.7 Marketplace Item :slight_smile:

Ok, I see what you are saying. What you describe sounds like what I want. For instance, in the game I am working on we have a global PP that I use to make corrections for the game as a whole. This is completely independent. Then when it starts raining the PP from your system fades in some settings and desaturates the scene/gives it some rainy day vibe. It doesn’t completely overwrite the global PP volume I already have, just the settings that have been edited (at least that’s how I believe PP volumes behave. Tell me if I am wrong).

Maybe I misunderstood though and this is not what you meant. If this is something the user will have to do on their own, that’s fine. I just thought it might be cool to customize whatever PP you wanted per weather and then fade those values in with the PP blend weight.

^ That’s exactly it. The good part is that the system doesn’t talk to the PP system so it won’t modify anything there, it’ll only modify the parameters of the Blendable IF you choose to plug it in.

would buy right this second tbh

I’d like to buy this if it’s affordable for me when you release it. It looks extremely cool!
By the way, any estimated release date? (without taking the time to get it on the marketplace into account of course :P)