Dead on Arrival gameplay trailer! (Old school fixed camera survival horror)

Hey lovely people! Check out the new trailer for the game I am working on DEAD ON ARRIVAL.

I am a solo dev at the moment but I have aspirations of building my own team one day, Thank you for watching.

EDIT: Still can’t figure out embedding lol.

Hi Pat. Looking good. You can embed Youtube into your post with following bbcode.


PS: You can build a team today. Lets chat discord.

Ah! Thanks a lot! I was wondering how the hell I can do that lol.

I will add you on discord now! What is your username?


Hey [USER=“3059243”]Pat Streater[/USER]

To embed video, use only portion starting and ending with [video=youtube…/video]. I used php bbcode to display the code.

I really love how many puzzles you utilize man! Keep going!

Thanks a lot! The ideas I have I can’t really do yet but once I get a team these are going to be some very fun puzzles. And EVERY puzzle in the game will have it’s own story as to why it exists.

This game has come a longggg wAY

demo out now!