Dead Fibers - Official Reveal Trailer

Hi All,
I would like to show you a post apocalyptic action horror FPS game that I have been working on called “Dead Fibers”. The game’s steam page is also mentioned in the video description. The game’s demo will be free to download in the next Steam Fest. There is a lot more to the game and to show which I will be showcasing in upcoming dev logs. I hope you like the game!
Most of the 3D assets are purchased.


Hi there @Wolfy123x,

Welcome back to the Unreal Engine forums. Hope you’ve been well :slight_smile:

The intro alone made this project feel incredibly exciting. The world “vibe” combined with the weapon options are so distinctly rad. Out of curiosity, how much of this game is based around a story? :smiley:

Thank you for welcoming me back and for liking the trailer, I appreciate it.

Dead Fibers is a open-world single player game with focus on the story. The story is mostly told through radio transmissions, notes etc.

In this trailer I wanted to focus on the world design and level variety whereas the upcoming devlogs will focus more on gameplay as the gameplay is pretty in depth with proper stealth, melee, gunplay and driving mechanics.

The demo will be released in the next Steam Fest in October and the release in early 2025.

Cool Title :slight_smile: One of my first game designs learning UE4 was a Zombie FPS. This brought back memories. Looks Crispy! Awesome Work!

Very nice gameplay and scenery hope everyone likes your game! :raised_hands: