Dead by Daylight [fangame] Anyone interested?


I am a 17 y old newcomer in UE

Sorry if I post this in a wrong Thread but I just wanted to post this
somewhere atleast.
You can tell me the right Thread by simply replying to me. lol.

Is anyone interested in working on one with me?
My knowledge of Programming is really bad though.
That’s why I need some help in programming all the stuff we need to make the game.
There should also be some unique mechanics to it so it’s not just a copy of the original game of course (hopefully we can work with less bugs & glitches than the original has xD).
I am really looking forward to learn how to program if you got the time for it though.
Sorry for wasting your time if I did so.

(We can go into more details in a skype call or discord)

Have a great rest thursday!

Why not just make an original game? Its safer.

Sure but it should be multiplayer horror themed if you know what I mean.

i can help

dont have skype or discord but freind has discord i could use his to talk