Deactivating widget interaction component not working as expected

So I’m trying to create an interactable terminal that you possess. I have a blueprint comprised of a box collision, camera, widget, and widget interaction component set to mouse as the source. The widget is as follows


The top right button simply calling an event dispatcher which looks like this

Which then has then calls this in the level blueprint

(the enable input part is because I disable input upon possessing the terminal so no camera movement can happen so when they re-possess the character the camera is in the same place)

Now so far everything works as expected, the player possesses the character upon pressing that button and can no longer control the widget in the blueprint.
Now the problem comes from trying to do the same thing within the Terminal BP itself as in not the binded event


This acts differently, where the input text still has keyboard focus and thus I can’t move and only type in the widget. However if I I just do the same thing as the Close event except omit deactivating the widget interaction component, everything works fine and as expected apart from undesired effect of having the mouse being able to interact with the widget.