Deactivate Component

Please explain to me how component deactivation works?
I assumed that I can simply use Deactivate node and all the Events and functions inside the component (including the Event tick) will stop working
But I can’t get that effect. A try to use all nods that have “active” in name. But not one helped me. The only thing I could do was stop TickEvent, inside the component with SetComponentTickEnable.
I have a pretty simple test setup. I have test actor, and a test component with auto-active disabled. On Component EvetTick called PrintString. On Actor EventTick called function from the Сomponent. Function called another PrintString.
I want the Compoonent Event tick and Component Function to stop working 2 seconds after the BeginPlay.
What am I doing wrong?

Not had a lot of luck with some of those BP nodes either…
Usually these STEPS bring a bigger boost to frame rate:

  1. Disable the Component Visually
  2. Disable Collision on the Component
  3. Disable Tick on the Component
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