DDC not working

I ran the fill command, it took … ~4 hours to complete, and resulted in an obscenely large DerivedDataCache directory. Yet to my dismay, I still see shaders being compiled when opening the editor, and when loading assets in the editor. Surely that is not the expected behavior?

so I set the override env vars for both local and shared and set them to the same folder (to a local folder on my drive, not on a networked drive). When stepping thru the code I see the vars are fetched and the path is set correctly yet it is still recompiling everything every time… It just seems like its broken. It appears to ignore what is in the specified directory and is just dumping everything into the boot directory. I don’t know enough about this to discern what/why its not working. I’m testing on unmodified 4.19 git release build. Its making it near impossible to work with the engine as the amount of stuff generated is absurd and very time consuming.

It seems to be working now I think, didn’t quite understand the whole hierarchical thing, where the fill does not include the boot, so in my tests it kept trying to generate the boot, and the initial fill I had done had be partially invalidated by other changes although logically I don’t understand why that would have been the case.