DDC interrogation/question

Hi, I am looking on a problem whit UE4Editor/Game while no DDC exists in the Engine/Game folder.

When I start the editor, it’s start to generate the file and I see 5 shader compilator process in the task manager.

To problem is the memory, the editor (unreal tournament) take memory non-stop, go over 6 GB and finish to crash my computer. But to get this behavior you need to do this.

First before, if I do the same exercise by deleting just GSM_ files and test over, its fine and take no time and memory is at around 1.2-1.3GB when the editor finish loading
I tried with AUDIO_/PHYSX/STATICMESH/NAVCOLLISION/TEXTURE/MATSM and all do fine like my example test (GSM)…

If I delete all, it’s also fine,. just a little longer but not that much… take around 2/3 min
If I delete only the DDC from unreal tournament, it’s also fine… take around 1/2 min

But here the issue, if with unreal tournament for example, I delete the DDC folder from the engine and game, it go bad and take very long time and finish (more then 10 min) to take a lot of memory more then 6 GB and will eventually crash my computer.

What I don’t understand is if I do all the previous step explained and take all the time, it’s faster then just the last test that crash… So it really weird, it’s like no memory is released between each DDC file type.

If I kill the editor and restart 3 times, when at around 5 GB of memory, it will finish with 3/4 GB of memory (i mean the editor still use 3/4 GB when everything is finished, usually it’s around 1.2/1.3GB on my computer.

So any idea why it’s weird like that?

I forgot to say that my disk drive where my projects are located is SSD, also the project was compiled in debug so it’s use more memory compared to release…