DC Comic Fans I Need Your Help! What was the Point of New 52?

Hello everyone.

Alright, so if you’re like me and you’ve taken a liking to various DC comic story lines I need some help comprehending the decision to reboot the universe.

I was just re-reading Identity Crisis when the though it me: None of it matters.

Everything thing that happened doesn’t matter, because it’s not canon anymore!

Identity Crisis is not canon!

So then I thought, well wait none of what I’ve read matters.

Teen Titans - A Kid’s Game: not canon

A Killing Joke - not canon

No Man’s Land - not canon

Tornado Rising - not canon

So my question what was the point of literally getting rid of all these great story lines!?

Does DC even realize what this brings about?

Ten years from now, when the current generation is all grown up their kids will never hear about the Robin series of comics, or Batman: HUSH.

All these story lines, story lines that stretched back years and years… all useless.

I just don’t get it.

At least in my eyes, DC is just the latest company to abandon it’s root; they have forgotten the face of their father (get the reference?).

What kills me is that DC previously did this with Infinite Crisis!

New Earth was exactly that… a new Earth!

Unlike New 52, New Earth at least kept all the canon from Earth One and most of the other worlds!

Just like how in ten years people will look at you funny when you mention Monkey Island (actually that’s now…but you get the idea), they’ll also be confused when you talk about pre-52 comics.

I just want you to take a moment a think of your favorite DC comic storyline, now think about how no one will remember it.

Look, if you have a different way of looking at New 52, please feel free to tell me.
I’m actually open to the discussion.

As of now, however, all I can see are the negatives.

~ Jason