DAZ3D to UE4 (iris missing)

I created an anime character with DAZ3D and imported in UE4 and all things are ok but not iris.


I tried these:

  • Import in Maya and export in fbx (in Maya shows iris, but after export, the UE4 didn’t show iris)
  • Upload to and download (On mixamo also shows correct, but UE4 didn’t show iris)

What can I do?

It would look like this:

P.S.: all textures/materials are ok. But when I go in skeleton editor in UE4 then the iris in the white eye. If I move iris in skeleton editor and click to Save then UE4 doesn’t save.

Sorry, I am beginner. :frowning:

Was the Iris originally solved via texture?
If so, did you set up the material for it?
If so, can you post a screenshot of the material editor for that shader?

Are you still having trouble?

It’s not the iris that’s the problem but the cornea. In Daz Studio the applied material uses an opacity material to create the reflection and refraction of the cornea which does not get imported as part of the material layer. Just find the cornea ID of the material and apply a translucent material. I found that polished glass works well.