DAZ-Unreal Engine Rigging + Animation + Breast Morph: Tutorial Announcement

Tutorial on June 27th.

Is this gonna be free?

Yes, in the free tutorial you will download free assets from Daz and UE4 (I will provide the links). The only asset which is not free is the DAZ Breast Control I also purchased to achieve the breast effect.

Amazing!!! it will be ultra helpfull, thank you so much

Excellent, I will check this out.
Some questions,
Do you get the rig compatible with UE default mannequin?
Did you manage to use UE animation with the DAZ characters?
Could we know what softwares will you use?

I read the text in the video, which answer my questions. I didn’t read it before, thanks!!

Here the link to download the Tutorial.rar file that is needed to follow the tutorial:

Thanks a lot for this!,
I really appreciate the time you spent to put all this together

I hope this will solve once forever all the issues in importing a DAZ character!

In the video you are showing several version of the Breast Control. I do understand you need to have the Breast Control related to the Genesis model version im using.

The puppeteer Genesis Female 2 and 3 ask for 2 other module (requirement). So we need the puppeteer and the normal version to make it work?

Puppeteer required? Whats puppeteer doing that the normal “control” are not able to?