Daz studios Start to Get interested in unreal Engine!!!

hello guys i don’t know if its is really a good or great news for many but at last for me is a good one, finally daz studios looks like start to look to “Unreal Engine” and others softwares, they just had made a deal with this plugging creator:…/daz-to-unreal

and released a “free version with full support” to allow peoples to easy use daz store stuffs inside unreal, which is very cool since i do feel some daz stuffs are amazing, while in most cases they are more tailored for “rendering” and you have a lot of “high poly stuffs” still you can find awesome “low poly stuffs” to work in “game” or have a solid base model mesh full of “morphs to be used” and with a big library and good support, i’m really excited about it.

You can now get the bridge here.

Install instruction