Daz Studio as an asset management application?

Just a though but Daz Studio would make an awesome application for asset control. It already has FBX support, offers the ability to properly catalog in a meaningful manner, and the only thing that would make it better and ideal is drag-n-drop from DS to UE4.

My 2 cents would be FUSE

DAZ Studio has a 500.00 USD license to use in games and they are coming out with more licenses for 3D Printing etc.
Daz Studio’s Models/Characters are not game ready models BTW.

Fuse on the other hand is royalty free and you can use the characters in game. Not to mention that they are PBR Ready!
It is currently 50.00 on Steam.
There are a bunch of reasons why I would use FUSE over DAZ Studio or Make Human.

No respectable studio would use DAZ in their pipeline. DAZ studio is where all those creepy/perverted renders you find in odd corners of Deviant Art come from.

You only have to pay for a one time license if you make use of and is only applied to the art assets. It’s not about what you can get out of it but what you can put into it that would make asset management easier. For this use it’s free.

No respectable studio would reject off hand any ways or means that will accomplish their objectives if it helps to do so faster and cheaper if substituted by labor.

I don’t know about now but in my past experiences both Daz Studio and Poser models never conformed in any way to what you would actually use either in animation or games. Poser models in specific had no real edge looping. Instead the edges were spirals that continued all the way from the top of a limb to the bottom, which made them nearly impossible to weight outside of Poser and allowed them to sell, for a time, a plugin that integrated these models into other programs - but which required that both Poser AND the host application to be open at the same time. Long story short- it’s easier to do it yourself.