Days of The Dead

Hello everyone! I’m here to bring you a summary of the game me and my buds are making for you guys and gals out there! We would like to know your opinions on the summary, and what you think. We would also love it if you told us wether or not it seems interesting enough to play! We hope to create an amazing game for everyone out there. Anyway enough rambling, here is a very short summary of our game! Tell us what you think!

"Days of Death is a zombie based open-world, survival game designed by Cytosine Studios. Days of Death takes place in the year 2038 in a corrupted, zombie-infested world. It has been six years since the outbreak and everyone is risking their lives to survive. You play as the 28-year-old former Military member Ryan Hawkson. Your weaponry includes a sniper rifle, a combat knife, a silenced pistol, and -of course- your fists.

The zombies are genetically modified for certain purposes and abilities; causing a wide variety in the enemies encountered. Some are dumb and slow, others fast and sharp. Be careful, who knows whether the next zombie will be a breeze or your worst nightmare."

Well thats it, but we will keep everyone posted on how our game is doing! Thank you!