Days Gone

So I saw the the Days Gone trailer at the E3 Sony conference and thought it looked really cool.

And now I just found out via Destructoid that those rivers of zombies were done in UE4. That’s some pretty impressive work.

Impressive stuff. Game is crazy

Unless it was live gameplay, we can expect the game to be nothing like the trailer, I’m afraid.

Lol yeah we’ll see when it comes out

Wonder if that is coming to UE4 main branch any time soon :slight_smile:

That would be very helpful - I have a few ideas

I hope so, I really want to make a zombie fluid sim like they did! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks gorgeous and fun for about 5 minutes while waiting for a bus. But there needs to be a reinvention of the gameplay.
I love zombies. I play the games and watch the TV series / films. But just hordes & hordes, we need a new paradigm, no?

I got excited that it was some kind of biker gang game where you have to infiltrate it or something, I was completely wrong it seems…xD

I’m tired of zombies - like many people are I think - but at least the hoarding looks cool. Wonder what survival mechanics this has

Totally scripted. Everything. No way a real player would have walked through any level so fluidly whilst having a zombie-horde come that close. Real game: 3 zombies who get stuck on objects all the time or too many zombies and you end up reloading your level until you’ve figured out the best path to complete it before rage-quitting.

Yep +1 same feeling :wink:

I’m super impressed. Can’t wait to get my hands on this thing.

Awesome Horde Demo and more so Awesome that the game is being developed with UE4. I just wish it wasn’t Zombies. In fact, a fluid Blob-like creature with Zombies trapped inside of it would have really WOW’d me.

I sense it is scripted too, but that part in the barn where it is surrounded with zombies at least ‘feels’ cool - like in a movie or something. Would feel the pressure in that spot

I Think it would be great game cuz it is the unreal engine man :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope it will be as great as The last of us <3

Looks great! hope to play it soon