Daylight -> Night-time crashes Twinmotion


Just wondering if someone else is using TM for mac and has noticed crashes every time you look at a scene and change the time of the day with the slider to night.
Yesterday this happened for the first time to me and 5 time in a row when using the slider. A workaround was to enter the time of the night by hand.

Could you mac users check this and see if you can reproduce it.



ArchiCAD 22 (localized FIN) + newest TM
MacBook Pro 15 (2018 year model with i9 + 32Gb RAM


Just as an FYI

Log into the Twinmotion support site, and submit a ticket for help with this issue:

That way this can be flagged to the developers.


Twinmotion is a very capable application and considering it is FREE its a bargain and when compared to LUNION which is very similar and costs about $3000 Twinmotion is a real bargain. However, it is the most unstable app I have ever used (and I’m not exaggerating). I suspect that the pay for use version will fix all of the bugs. It is my hope that Epic will not go strictly to a subscription version which I hate, but will offer a reasonable price and allow it to be purchased and used perpetually. I have found that frequent saving seems to help crashes when building the scene, but not much help helps when trying to create an image , or video, it just fails, but sometimes works. I find it hard to believe this was by lazy programing given the high quality nature of the rest of the app, but that is just my speculation. And has anybody been able to import an OBJ, or DAE file which it is supposed to import, but does recognize in the finder.
Jim Lennon, Architect
Del Mar, CA

I have exactly this problem too. Similar configuration, [MacBook Pro 15 2019 model with i9 + 32Gb +Radeon Pro Vega 20 4 GB] Program seems to be quite unstable. Is it better for windows users?

Hi folks.

I want to make sure that Twinmotion feedback goes to the right place and is seen by the right people. Please share your feedback at the link:

I’m going to close this topic just so we can ensure that conversation goes to the right place.