Day/Night System + Geographically Accurate Sun Location + BP_Sky_Sphere!

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Spent an embarrassing amount of time getting the trigonometry right, but it works!

Features a simple day-night system, where you can set how many in-game minutes pass per second OR how many real-life minutes the game day should last.
I added to that some calculations for the sun’s rotation - both off the horizon and side to side - given longitude/latitude, time zone, etc. It should be accurate to within a few degrees.

Finally, (with all that being written in C++), I made a blueprint class based off of this, copied the BP_Sky_Sphere blueprint, and voila! The Engine’s default skybox, but with a changing time of day!

Features a directional light and sky light built in because I’m tired of having them separate on my world outline.

I’m going to touch up on this and hopefully put it out for free maybe sometime tomorrow because I figured people would like to use this :slight_smile:

Thanks for this gift to the community mate :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look at your work with pleasure.