Day/Night Cycles

I have seen and watched many different ways of doing a Day Night cycle via blueprints, However I still have yet to see a way to update the lighting to match the time of day. If it is night time I don’t want my bright light I would rather have a more blueish color light. Please tell me there is a way to do this.

Carl Breeden

Make it simple. Target your light source and change its intensity and color.

tried that but it would just shift from one color to the next there is no gradual change between the two. I would like it to be like if oyu looked outside during a sun set that is what you see in the game.

Use a color curve, and slowly adjust through it based on your time of day

Try this one, it’s not mine but if you want to see that in action try download OceanProject they have sky already implemented with time etc.

Ok I will give this a try, Thank you.

I found this very helpful!