Day/Night Cycle with TrueSKY

Does anyone know how to set up a proper Day/Night cycle with TrueSKY for UE4.24? I cannot for the life of me find any documentation on how to go about this. I was following one tutorial but then suddenly nodes they were using in the level blueprint didn’t exist because I guess TrueSKY is set up to function different. Yet I cannot find any documentation on how to set this up. Or any youtube tutorials that goes into TrueSKY specifically on how to get time to pass and function with the sequencer. Anyone able to help?

Depends on what you want to do. Do you want to change the day cycle in a dynamic manner or have a day night option with in the same environment?

Usually lighting levels is based on the intensity of the lightmaps to maintain performance but real time requires that all of your lighting elements in most cases needs to be dynamic and more so as to shadow casting.

A performance based option though is to make variations using Lighting Scenarios that you can switch between different baked lightmaps

I’m not sure what TrueSky is, but they sell it as a turn-key product. I’m sure you can find support for it on their end of things…

As far as doing it yourself, with the default skysphere it’s very basic and there are a ton of tutorials/videos/information about how to do that. You can probably take the base idea on any of those for powering the sun movement, and adapt whatever blueprint TrueSky provides…

Thanks for the responses. I finally managed to figure it out with someone elses help. But it’s a bit too flickery for me so I’m sticking with Ultimate Dynamic Sky, it’s still in so many ways superior in terms of ease.