Day/Night cycle UI shows time as 8:1 instead of 08:01. How to fix it?

Hi. I have a day/night cycle system, which also passes the time to UI and shows it to the player. The problem is that it does not show 0 when hours or minutes are <10. I remember seeing a topic with the same problem on reddit like a week ago, but now when I faced the issue I can’t find it.

Here is a screenshot of Blueprint ending:


Are you using an asset from the store or something?

I had a problem like this just the other day but my time had 100 seconds in a min which was rather annoying. I had to recalculate the time but i was able to get the hours and mins seperatly then just append 0 if less than 10.

Keep in mind that my time is already split to H M

My append function looks like this:

This is how my time is taken from the day night cycle but yours may be different.

Thanks, your example helped and I managed to fix it

Wow, its great to see somebody on the forum helping people rather than just leaching. More people should!
I would make you forum CEO if I could.