Day/night cycle tied to UI widget clock

I am trying to make a game similar to Digimon World from the PS1. Currently I am trying to implement a time system with a clock.

For context: in the game your digimon will get tired at night and each day that passes will increase it’s age by 1. A full day in the game takes 24 minutes.

I have used level blueprint and the skysphere to make a rudimentary cycle but I am having a bit of trouble with a few aspects.
1: Simply getting the time for a full day correct.
2: Using it to control functions with the player/partner such as an indicator that they are tired and the age increasing.
3: Tying this to a UI clock so that the clock shows the accurate time of day. I have made a widget to represent the clock and made a clock hand rotate but it is not in sync or accurate.

Another thing that I am curious about is, in future, I have different locations as different levels in the engine, then since the day/night cycle is done in the level blueprint would this mess with everything?

I know that I am asking about a lot of things here and it will be difficult to answer but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Hi, thanks for the response.
I’m not really trying to get a geographically accurate sun position. The Sun Position Driven by UI video is one I’ve looked at before but I’m not quite sure how to translate what is shown into what I want.
Since I am not controlling the sun, it is moving normally and the UI clock is turning at the same speed & representing the correct time of day.