Day / Night cycle sun shining through floor

Hi all,

First post here and just getting used to UE4. It’s great!

One issue I’m having though is a day / night cycle. I’ve got the sun rotating round like a boss thanks to some excellent online tutorials, however the sun is shining through the floor and casting light on my character!

To give you a bit more information, I deleted the third-person level and created a new level. I used the landscape tool to create a small game world so I can practice creating blueprints, landscapes etc but the sun appears to be casting through the floor. Any idea how to prevent this? I’m ‘guessing’ it’s something to do with the landscape itself as the third-person template works fine with the day / night cycle. Having said that they’re all objects?

Anyway, some assistance would be much appreciated!



A temporary solution is to turn off the sun during the night :slight_smile:

"The sun’s light is shining through the earth during the night!
Turning off the sun during the night will solve this. Read the next section to see how to change variables based on the time of day. "

Yea - this was the only solution for me too. You also shouldn’t just turn out the light, because it looks a bit unreal. A better way is to fade out the light.

Many thanks for the response! I tried turning off the sun using the set intensity node when the sun was at certain angles to do this, but it wouldn’t have it. I’ll try the method on that page and see if that sorts it out!



Ok so I tried adapting what you suggested above to what I was trying to achieve. I run my sun rotation on a timeline with pitch and yaw. To make things easier, here are some pictures of my blueprints:


And this makes my character look like:


I’m sure it’s probably something silly I missed but it’s really annoying! Are there some values that I’m missing? The tutorial doesn’t explain if there are some values you need to put anywhere.

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Ok ignore that last reply! I’d got the day / night events the wrong way round. Fixed now. Thanks for all your help guys :slight_smile: