Day/Night Cycle help

Hi, I’ve followed a tutorial on creating a day night cycle but on my terrain at night everything is black how can I have some kind on a moon/little bit of light when it is the night: Here is my blue print for the cycle:




If you’re following the same tutorial that I think you are, around video #6 or #8 is when the moon is put in.

Kleiner-something or other? Time tutorials. He has 4 sets, I believe.

Hi thank you for our answer. Actually it was not he tutorial I was using but I will start over using his tutorial series.

Kleiner Baer’s tutorial series for that is fantastic, is has moon-phases, a moon, custom dates, etc… Once you’ve finished his series, I made a short 10-minute tutorial on how to use his system in multiplayer:

Jamendxman3 Thank you ill keep your video in my bookmarks

I’m following the Kleiner day/night cycle but i get this error and nothing is moving(using UE4.8):
Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 8.57.47 PM.png

my blueprint looks like this(exactly like in the tutorial)

How would I fix this error?

Go into the viewport, and click on your day/night Cycle actor that you placed, and then look in the default properties, and set the light source to your sun directional light. Make sure the light variable it is editable in the BP.

Thank you very much that fixed my issue

I’m having and issue with kleiner Baer my sun won’t move at all everything works but the sun